About Me

About Me

Hi! I’m Matt. Welcome to my running blog!

Blogging is relatively new to me so bear with me while I get into my stride.  Let’s start at the beginning… Who am I and why should you read my blog?

I’m just your regular 31 year old Yorkshireman who happens to have a newly discovered love of running.  Of course I’ve run on and off throughout my life (PE at school, football with mates, to get across the road when I’ve mistimed a bus hurting towards me. Absolutely not to catch a train though) but only on a cold February morning in 2014 did I experience the light bulb moment – “I should give something back, maybe do something for charity. I know, I’ll run!”  So I did.  I signed up then and there for the Kirklees 10k Challenge in May ’14, created my Virgin Money Giving page and started fundraising for the British Heart Foundation.

Then of course I actually had to start training, I was going from doing absolutely nothing to having to run 10k and being a northerner I’m pretty competitive (if only with myself) so didn’t want to do a half-arsed job.  This is when and where the love affair with running truly began.

My blog is about running, plain and simple.  I plan to post about my training, races, progress, tips and just about anything else I can think of so feel free to have a look around and spread the word…

If you want to follow me on Twitter then do – @matt_wilson84 – I’ll follow you back!

I’m available for running related product testing should you have any requirements and will happily review and endorse quality products.

Thanks for visiting…

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